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Our Doctors


Charles Kim MD, Ph.D

Family Practice & Functional Medicine

Born and raised in Japan, Dr. Kim eventually returned to his origins and obtained his medical degree in Catholic Medical University in Seoul, Korea.  He completed his training in the United States with an internship in Internal Medicine at Kansas University Medical Center and his residency training in Family Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School.  Dr. Kim also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Harvard University.

Dr. Kim’s fluency in English, Korean and Japanese has enabled him to practice medicine from Hawaii to Korea to Japan to California, specializing in Family Practice, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Wound Care Therapy, Clinical Research and working with cancer patients and patients with cardiovascular disease. 
Perfectly suited to Luzwave’s philosophy of care, Dr. Kim’s objective is all about helping his patients achieve a better quality of life, integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine into his practice. 


Hong Choi, LAc, O.M.D.

Licensed Acupuncture

Dr. Choi is a life-long believer and licensed practitioner of the arts of acupuncture since 1993.  Wanting to further refine his art, Dr. Choi returned to academia to attain a degree to enhance his practice as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. 


He applies an educational and practical approach to helping clients with mind/body health and pain management issues, intuitively increasing their self-help skills. Dr. Choi addresses cause and effect awareness using the techniques of acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs, cupping, and tuina (therapeutic massage) reflexology to recondition the body. 


Kyoung Hee Lee, Ph.D, LAc

Licensed Acupuncture

Dr. Lee is a California Licensed Acupuncturist with a degree from South Baylo University.  She has been in practice since 2007. That same year, she sought to build upon her foundation by pursuing a Ph.D in Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture, which she attained in 2009.


While Dr. Lee specializes in pain management, addressing both chronic and acute symptoms of pain, her techniques also serve to aid in balancing the digestive system, help with weight loss/control, and promote detoxification in conjunction with the prescription of cupping, herbs and teas, and earseeds. She has helped many women with hormonal imbalances and prenatal conditions. 


She exudes a calming influence and is gentle and attune to her patient’s needs.  She loves assisting her clients on the road to the healing experience and always provides care in the best environment and service.

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