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Acu-Herbalism Facials

Using a combination of ancient acupuncture and herbs to calm inflammation and re-balance hormones, this treatment rejuvenates and tightens skin for a more youthful look. Some benefits of Acu-Herbalism Facials include: muscle relaxation, improvement of facial and lymphatic circulation, and enhancement of collagen synthesis.

Chronic Allergies

With the increase of pollutants in the air and food that we eat, many people suffer from a variety of allergies. Among such allergies, an increasing number of patients suffer from allergic inflammation of the nasal cavity. Acu-Herbalism treats these conditions by strengthening the immune system and a healthy constitution to resist foreign substances.



Major depression, manic depression, severe mood swings and other mood-related disorders are common diseases that can be overcome with the help of a supportive and loving network of family and friends and an accurate diagnosis, along with steady Acu-herbal treatmentsto aid in hormonal and physiological balance.

Five Major Organs

The five major organs of the body are the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, kidneys. If the function of any of these 5 major organs is broken, the body can be taken by disease or death. In Acu-Herbalism, we improve the function of the five organs to obtain fundamental health levels and to normalize the overall function of the body.

Muscle & Joint Pain

For clients experiencing muscle and joint pains, LUZwave offers treatments as an alternative to invasive surgery. LUZwave’s multifaceted approach includes: improving the roots of pain, rejuvenation of joints, maximizing pain relief through radiofrequency, and rehabilitation exercises.

Healthy Height Growth

With increasing obesity and lack of sleep and exercise, the factors for height growth have very varied. With balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, and growth management at the right stage, children can overcome genetic limitations. At LUZwave Acu-Herbalism, a special blend of Korean Herbs stimulate a child’s height growth in a natural way that will also strengthen the body.


Acu-Herbalism’s combined approach of ancient oriental herbology and acupuncture methods are effective in pinpointing the physical conditions that relate to issues of infertility. The treatment works not only in prevention treatment but also to stimulate proper health to the body’s reproductive systems.

Prostate Disease

Through Acu-Herbalism treatments, we can find the exact cause of the prostate disease, which can improve constitution and treatment effects. In addition, the oriental herbs helps bodily functions, removes toxins, and releases clumped blood. Acupuncture can be used to enhance immune function and activate the circulation of surrounding tissues.

Stroke & Related Conditions

LUZwave Acu-Herbalism provides targeted treatment for both circulatory and nervous system diseases that include stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, parkinson’s disease, epileptic seizures, and any ensuing involuntary speech and coordination disorders.


With the exception of hereditary causes and special cases, thyroid disease is mainly caused by stress. Due to this, herbal treatments are the most effective in normalizing underlying circulatory disorders and retrogrades, helping to relieve the underyling cause of stress.


Circulatory Disorders

LUZwave Acu-Herbalism offered specialized care for major heart conditions such as cardiovascular disease, heart failure, angina, myocardial infarctions, atherosclerosis and strokes. These conditions are commonly caused by circulatory disorders, which require fundamental and constant care


Obesity is not only preventable but also treatable with proper care. While other methods of rapid weight loss can exacerbate other underlying conditions, LUZwave Acu-Herbalism offers a specialized care to help clients steadily and healthily overcome obesity problems while treating underlying related conditions.

Lymphatic Disorders 

The body’s natural defense against various harmful substances in our modern environment is the lymphatic immune system. LUZwave’s Acu-Herbalism specialized lymphatic care targets the core of lymphatic disease by increasing resistance to foreign substances to create a healthier and stronger system.


Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones have become fragile due to various reasons.  However, common treatments do not compensate for loss of bone marrow. LUZwave’s Acu-Herbalism’s main treatment approach is to regenerate bone marrow by replenishing kidney function and blood circulation.



Women who are undergoing menopause may face a variety of abnormal symptoms due to the many physical and hormonal changes in the body.  LUZwave’s Acu-Herbal treatment targets the promotion of blood circulation, supplements any deficiencies in the cardiovascular system, and the relieves anxiety. 

Gastrointestinal Disease

Modern day diets with artificial ingredients often result in gastrointestinal conditions including heartburn and acid reflux. With LUZwave’s Acu-Herbalism, treatment using ancient Oriental medicines and acupuncture is prescribed after a full diagnostic to help with their conditions.

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