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What is Photomedicine therapy (PMT) and how does it work?


Also known as Cold Laser and Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy, PMis a procedure that applies light emitting diodes (LED) to the targeted area of the body or etiology. The body tissue then absorbs the red and near-infrared light and the damaged or mixed signal cells respond with a physiological reaction that promotes regeneration, stimulating wound and soft tissue healing, reducing inflammation and providing relief for both acute and chronic pain.
LUZwave is proud to have partnered with the scientist who developed the technology and device (MB System) that LUZwave requires in the quality of its products and services.  MB System is, respectively, registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization, Patented and Trademarked in the U.S.A., and cleared and registered with the FDA.

What is LUZwave PMT (Photomedicine Therapy)? 

- LUZwave uses FDA-cleared BELG (Bio-Energy-LoGen) methodology which generates bioenergy by stimulating the production of ATPs.

- Direct contact with the skin, but no skin burns, no side effects.  No eye protection required.

- Where to apply clinically? 

   * Musculoskeletal: Neuromuscular pain,  neuromuscular stiffness & spasm
   * Joint- inflammation, degeneration, herniated/bulging
   * Tendon- acute and chronic inflammation, injury (tear, strain, sprain), and pain
   * Arthritis, low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated disc, rotatorcuff tear, frozen shoulder, knee pain, bone spurs, sciatica are some conditions.

- In case of Acute pain, 7~10 sessions of treatment relieve pain.
- In case of chronic pain, it is subject to the severity and location of pain. 
   Generally over 10 or 20 sessions are recommended to relieve pain.

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