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P a i n   M a n a g e m e n t

How it work

With the Luzwave LLLT, unique and special proprietary lasers are used by technicians and placed directly over injured areas to assist in tissue regeneration. During this process, billions of non-thermal photons of light are radiated from the lasers to pass through various layers of the skin to reach deep into tissue structures. The laser light is then absorbed by the proteins in the mitochondria and interacts with the elements in the cell that are light sensitive.

The cell then absorbs this light and begins a series of events that transform the light energy to chemical or physical energy in order to normalize damaged tissue in order to provide relief for acute and chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and heal injuries and wounds.

​Since Luzwave lasers uses a wavelength range that is non-thermal, results have no risk of complication and it is extremely safe and non-invasive.

Applicable Conditions

o Soft tissue injuries,
o Joint problems,
o Neuropathic pain,

o Muscular atrophy
o Plantar fasciitis
o Rheumatoid arthritis

o Wound healing
o Temporomandibular joint disorder
o Exercise - induced muscle fatigue and injury prevention
o Skin conditions
o Traumatic brain injury
o Stroke

Luzwave can help with a variety of conditions including but NOT limited to:

Clinical Application

MUSCULARSKELETAL   •Neuromuscular Pain   •Neuromuscular Stiffness & Spasm

JOINT   •Inflammation   •Degeneration   •Herniated/Bulging

TENDON   •Acute and Chronic Inflammation   •Injury (Tear, Strain, Sprain)   •Pain

Arthritis, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain,

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Herniated Disc,

Rotator Cuff Tear, Frozen Shoulder,

Knee Pain, Bone Spurs, Sciatica are some conditions


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