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Physical Therapy
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LUZwave Arts of Healing, Inc. is an innovative Integrative Medicine and Healing approach in rejuvenating the body to enable us to enjoy a pain-free wholesome life. Housing multiple therapies like traditional ancient Acupuncture along with modern pioneering technology like Photomedicine (PM) and platelet rich plasma (prp) all in one place, LUZwave Arts of Healing, Inc. offers a full menu of services and educational clinics to address your health, beauty, longevity and quality of life concerns.

About Us


Physical Therapy


  • Evaluations by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Comprehensive and personalized care plans (Post stroke, or work, auto or sports related injuries)

  • Rehabilitative Therapy / Musculoskeletal Pathology

  • Promotes range of motions approach to Yoga, Pilates or strenuous exercise 

  • Restores functions to increase mobility and helps to manage vascular conditions



  • Aids the Immune System in achieving homeostasis

  • Modulates endorphin levels to battle chronic or acute pain

  • Regulates Pre and Post Natal health by balancing hormones

  • Alleviates symptoms and conditions caused by Chemotherapy

  • Enhances Mental Clarity and boosts Circulatory System

Family Practice and Integrated Alternative Medicine


  • Serviced by Board Eligible Family Practice and Certified Chelation Therapy Physician

  • Primary Care and Functional Medicine

  • Chelation Therapy

  • Oxidative Stress Therapy

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

Photomedicine Therapy (PMT)


  • Photon Light penetrates deep into tissue to accelerate cellular reproduction and growth

  • Stimulates collagen blocks to promote healing of wounds, tissue and nerves

  • Reduces inflammation to relieve chronic or acute musculoskeletal system pain

  • Safe and non-invasive alternative to “drug and surgery” treatments

MedSpa & Regenerative Medicine


  • Professional Consultations by Certified Aesthetic Physician (Licensed OB-Gyn)

  • Anti-Oxidant and Other Detoxification Therapies (Vit C, Glutathione IV Hydration)

  • Diagnostic and Cosmetic Injections (Botox, Fillers)

  • Anti-aging  and Cell Regeneration Therapy (Microneedling, Exosomes, PRP)

  • Feminine Rejuvenation (Skin and Tissue Tightening, Collagen Revival)

Detox & Weight Management


  • Liver Cleanse (herbal extracts)

  • Chelation Therapy (detox of mineral build up and metal poisons from the bloodstream)

  • Metabolic Homeostasis (use of LLLPT realigns digestive behavioral health habits)

  • Acupuncture / Auricular Acupressure combines to treat Obesity

  • truSculpt ID (RF apoptosis of fat cells)

  • Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements (Education and Counseling)


  • truSculpt ID  (Non Invasive Adipocyte Apoptosis)

  • 15 Minute Process with no downtime

  • Fat cells are eliminated through the lymphatic system

  • Contour stubborn pockets of fat

  • truSculpt Flex (Muscle Sculpting)

  • Treats up to 8 areas simultaneously

  • Increases metabolism with the creation of muscle mass

  • The only system with the ability to create Multi-Directional Stimulation (muscle confusion)

Our Services


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Integrated Pain and Rehabilitation Management


Our Address

Main: (949) 527-6400  Facsimile: (714) 486-2309
14642 Newport Ave, Suite 105, Tustin, CA 92780

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday  9AM – 6PM

Saturday    9AM – 1PM


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