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LUZwave Physical Therapy

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LUZwave Physical Therapy is a Community-Oriented Primary Care Physical Therapy practice, proudly serving all of Orange County, California. We take a sophisticated approach to patient care with only one goal in mind. To bring a quality and accessible primary care physical therapy practice to individual and families in our community, with special attention to the coordination and continuity of care. 

We serve as

primary care

physical therapists.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with individualized, coordinated, and exceptional wellness and rehabilitation services based on whole-person and patient-centered approach.

We don't care

about the number

of patients.

We ensure that everyone receives the therapist's full, undivided attention during the entire session as we care only about the quality of care we are committed to providing to each patient.

We offer

a full continuum

of care.

We strive to achieve continuity of patient care through a comprehensive array of home health and outpatient services to offer a seamless experience and meet the diverse needs of our patients.

We achieve excellence

through evidence-

based practice.

We promote the integration of best research evidence and clinical expertise in our clinical decision making, recognizing the evidence-based standardization of practice as central to optimal patient care.

We aim to

make healthcare

accessible to all.

We make an ongoing effort to identify and overcome common barriers our patients face in getting critical wellness and rehabilitation services to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy

  • Geriatric Physical Therapy

  • Wellness and Prevention

  • Neurological Physical Therapy

  • Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Home Care Management

Schedule with your primary care PT

Follow-up and continuing care

Uninterrupted 1:1 session

Home and

outpatient services

Evidence-based practice

Interdisciplinary rehabilitation team

Primary Care Physical Therapy

The Way It Should Be

At LUZwave Physical Therapy, every patient is assigned a primary care physical therapist. Once you complete an initial evaluation and schedule follow-up visits, you become part of our family and are eligible for the following primary care physical therapy benefits and services AT NO EXTRA COST. 

Patient Benefits


Physical Therapy

45 minutes uninterrupted 1:1 session with your primary care PT throughout the entire episode of care

Interdisciplinary team care with on-site Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine physicians

LUZwave hybrid treatment program (PT + Acupuncture)

Home health physical therapy with your primary care PT

Complimentary Services


Physical Therapy

Follow-up checkup after the completion of each episode of care

Injury screening for your family members

Pre-surgical consultation session

Home safety assessment (within 10 miles) *

Assistive device provided as needed (gait belt, cane, reacher, grab bars, etc.) *

LUZwave Acupuncture consultation session

 * For Neurological and Medicare patients at increased fall risk only

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